Weed Watch: Featured Weed That Could Be In Your Lawn

black-medicBlack Medic is a low trailing annual weed that is commonly found in lawns that have experienced stress from compacted soils. It resembles clover and is often misdiagnosed in a lawn. It has bright yellow flowers and tree leaflets with the center leaflet on a separate petiole.

Controlling Black Medic in your Warsaw, IN & Syracuse, IN lawn is best done when the plant is young and growing. The plant germinates in temperatures between 50 F and 75 F which is late spring and early summer for our norther Indiana areas. Of course the best method of control is to have a Lawn Fertilization Company help with your applications throughout the season.

WLM, Inc. can help with all your lawn fertilization needs in Warsaw, Syracuse, Leesburg, North Webster, Culver, Ft. Wayne, and Columbia City.