Mosquito Control/Spraying

Mosquito Control by WLM, Inc.

"Before you came out to spray our property for mosquitoes, I couldn't stay outside in our backyard long enough for our dog to do her business without being eaten alive by mosquitoes.  The very next day, there were NO mosquitoes!  I couldn't believe it."  -- Scott Reust, Warsaw, IN

The results are in............spraying for mosquitoes really works and our clients LOVE it!  To be honest, we are very surprised at how well the product works at keeping bugs out of our clients outdoor living spaces.  Watch this short video to learn more.  If you live in Warsaw, Syracuse, Lake Wawasee, Leesburg, Winona Lake, or just can't enjoy your outdoor space because of mosquitoes, then get in touch with us immediately and we will get your property scheduled for an application.


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