Landscaping Trends to Spark Your Outdoor Living Projects in 2022

Expanding Outdoor Spaces.  With the desire to spend more time outdoors, families want to incorporate, fireplaces, water, and lighting features.  If you’re thinking about a backyard update, you might want to visit our website,

Concrete patios are being replaced with pavers and flagstone with a clean and repetitive linear design.  Landscape designs will be stepped up with raised beds, benches, and stairways. 

Outdoor Kitchens.  There will be continued interest for outdoor kitchens and al fresco eating areas.  This enables families to spend as much time as possible outdoors and with the use of a patio heater, outdoor dining areas can be used throughout the winter.

Front Yard Renovations.   Curb appeal has been rising as homeowners are caring more about the way their front landscaping looks.  Overgrown, outdated shrubbery and front walkways are being replaced.  Pollinator plantings are being installed.   ‘Sitting Boulders’ are being strategically placed.  Some are even removing a part of their manicured lawn, opting for hospitable spaces for gathering with neighbors.   Curb appeal matters to homeowners.   Enjoy reading The Best Front Yard Landscaping Tips.

Naturalistic Feel.  Mixing Soft and Hard Elements.  Filling the landscape with plants is great but designing the landscape with a mix of landscape elements breaks up the monotony and creates a natural look.  Stones and boulders are a great way to mix up the landscape.  Soft elements include grasses, perennials and hard elements include natural stones or pavers.  Water elements and landscape lighting can take a yard to the next level.

Native Plants.   Native plants restore and preserve biodiversity.  They tolerate the conditions of your area and stand the test of time. 

Outdoor Lighting.  With more LED and solar options available, homeowners are interested in more extensive lighting around their homes.  Why be left in the dark when daylight ends.  With the right lighting, the play of light and shadow can also give your favorite trees and shrubs an entirely new look.  See how Outdoor Lighting Makes a Big Difference.


For 25 years, Wihebrink landscape Management has been working with clients to create beautiful landscapes.  We are a dependable design-build-maintain company that is knowledgeable and experienced in everything outdoors.  Along with the latest trends, we can provide services for all your other landscape needs as well.

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