Landscape Design

Landscape Design Services with Options

Landscape projects typically begin with creation of a landscape design. At this phase of the process, a lot of information is collected so that one of our Landscape Designers can then create a road map that will take care of all your landscape needs and wants.

One thing that WLM does that no one else does for our Warsaw, Winona Lake & Syracuse clients is to provide not just one design, but up to 3 Landscape Design Options for you to choose from!

Check out these videos for two design options we presented and installed:


Landscape Installation

Once the design option has been decided upon, it's time to start installing your new project. This is the fun part! Landscape Installation and Renovation projects can take anywhere from two days to two months or more. We like it when our clients are involved in the installation process. Most clients tell us that they didn't have any idea what actually went into the installation of their project. It's fun for us to watch our clients learn about the process.

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