Lake Safe Fertilizers

Fertilizers That Won't Harm Our Lakes

40% Organic Based Fertilizers - Lake Friendly!

That's right, we use the best fertilizers available and our product is 40% organic based material.  What does that mean to you?  Your lawn is getting more natural material instead of synthetic product made in a laboratory.  Our goal in managing your lawn is reduce the chemicals needed to get, and keep, it green.  Once your lawn is healthy, it's able to fight off disease on it's own without much assistance from harsh herbicides.  

Our fertilizers are Lake Friendly!  We utilize our lakes as well in Warsaw, Winona Lake, Syracuse, Leesburg & North Webster and don't want to see these beautiful natural resources damaged.  

Only 1 weed in the lawn.......  It's hard to believe now, but this lawn was mostly weeds and bare spots when we started providing Lawn Fertilization services for this great customer.  Nothing happens over night but with consistent treatments we were able to make this lawn the envy of the neighborhood in Warsaw.

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