Cost and Budget

How much does landscaping in Warsaw, IN cost? How much should I budget for landscape design and installation?

This is always one of the first questions a homeowner has when starting the research process for a new landscape when we meet with a prospective client in Warsaw, Syracuse, North Webster, Leesburg, and Winona Lake. The problem with answering this question, though, is the fact that a landscape renovation has so many variations and options that it can be very tough for one to truly know what the price to fully enjoy their yard will be.

Notwithstanding, we'll do our best here to give you some realistic cost ranges as to what most people will invest in a landscape project in and around Warsaw, IN. (And remember, these prices are AVERAGE, and can vary drastically depending on the size of your property, the thoroughness of the company in preparation of the site, the size of the plants originally planted, etc)


Brick Paver Sidewalks & Patios

Patios range in size, shape, and features. A ground level brick paver patio that is approximately 400 Sq. Ft. will range from $10,000.00 to $30,000.00 depending on access to the site, brick style, and any other features a homeowner requests.

Brick Paver Sidewalks installed as part of a total Landscape Renovation project can be a less expensive portion of the total project than just installing the sidewalk alone. A typical budget for a new Brick Paver Sidewalk installed by WLM, Inc. would range from $8,500.00 to $12,000.00.


Irrigation/Sprinkler System

First things come first, and before you can expect to have a vibrant landscape in Warsaw, Ft. Wayne, Syracuse, or anywhere in Northern Indiana, you must make sure you have water to irrigate it. Most homes built after the 90s in our area came with irrigation systems, but there are still many in our area that haven't had one installed yet. To irrigate efficiently and effectively, a professionally installed irrigation system that exceeds code regulations, comes equipped with a back-flow preventer, and utilizes a rain sensor is a must have.

Typical Price Range - $6,500.00 - $7,500.00


Landscape Install & Renovation

This typically includes: a professional landscape design drawing, approximately 30-50 plants, mulch, any yard repair, and the installation of all of the above. This typically is for a very small   postage stamp-sized lawn, or just the front or back of a normal sized yard. 

Most basic landscape installs, not including other options, will have a price range of $4,500-$10,000.  The projects in this price range typically take one (1) to two (2) days to install with a three person landscape crew.   (This, like everything else mentioned, is contingent on a variety of factors)


Larger Landscape Install & Renovation

This would include everything in the basic install noted above, but about twice as much yard repair, plants, and mulch.  The plant material would also include some specialty plants not typically found at your neighbors house.  This is typical for a full landscape re-design or Landscape Renovation (front and back) of a normal to large sized yard. 

Typical Price Range: $10,000-$18,000


LED Landscape Lighting: Most Popular Landscape Extra

Prices usually run between $2,500-$6,000 for most systems. We recommend choosing the LED system over the cheaper Halogen lights because of the savings on electricity, bulb replacement, and transformer size. It may cost a little more up front, but will save you money for years down the road.

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