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How Will Cold Temps Effect Your Landscape Plants in Warsaw, IN?

Winter will have an effect on your landscape plants in Warsaw, IN.

Winter has arrived in full force in Warsaw, IN & Syracuse, IN this late January and the temperatures have dropped to near zero in the past few days. The weather in Warsaw, IN so far this winter has been pretty mild and we haven’t had alot of snow in the area, but that has changed in the past few days.

The forecast is predicting some of the coldest temperatures in recent memory for the Warsaw, IN area and we don’t have much, if any, snow cover to help insulate the ground and our landscaping plants.

What is winter dormancy and how does it affect my landscape plants in Warsaw, IN? Winter dormancy is a way of the landscape plantings coping with conditions too cold for growth. With the onset of cold temperatures and shorter nights, plants begin to do dormant. Deciduous trees will drop their leaves and evergreens may drop some needles but not all of them. Perennials will die back to the ground and survive under ground until warmer temperatures show back up in Warsaw, IN.

With winter in Warsaw, IN, dormancy has two stages. The first is a period when a dormant plant is incapable of growth even in temperatures warm up. With this stage of dormancy, a plant waits for a particular signal that says its OK to begin growing.

Usually this signal is triggered by a cold period of varying length, depending on where you live. The purpose is to prevent the plant from starting growth during an unseasonable period only to be killed when temperatures suddenly drop back to normal. Once the cold period requirement is satisfied, the plant is likely out of danger from a serious refreeze and becomes ecto-dormant.

These extremely cold temperatures that we are experiencing now and in the near forecast will have an effect on the health of your landscape plantings because of the lack of snow cover. Don’t be surprised if some of your more delicate plants struggle in the upcoming season or even don’t make it to the spring flush of growth. The extremely cold temperatures and lack of insulating snow will be the cause.

Why Plants in Warsaw, IN Go Dormant in Winter

Whether we realize it or not, most of us in Warsaw, IN & Syracuse, IN have an impression of what it means when landscaping plants do dormant. The beautiful autumn leaves are part of the process of trees shutting down. And , the buds and greens of spring are the end of the process. The bare branches in between, during the winter, illustrates dormancy.

Q: Why do leaves turn color on trees in the fall?
A: The leaves change colors in Warsaw, IN because sugars and chlorophyll are laving them to conserve and store energy when it’s at a premium: winter. Then the leaves fall from the trees for the winter in Warsaw, IN and Syracuse, IN landscapes.

This dormancy is a state of metabolic inactivity for the landscaping plants and trees in the Warsaw area. That’s why we don’t say that annual plants go dormant, they simply just die and don’t grow back next year.  Perennial Plants in Warsaw, IN do not actually die in the winter months.  They more or less hibernate for the winter, living on the sugar reserves they compile during the rest of the year.

While most of us in Warsaw, IN think of winter as being cold, there is another characteristic that is very relevant.  The further away from the equator you are, the shorter the days become in the winter.  Shorter days mean less sunlight and photosynthesis and less plant food.

Even if trees in your landscaping in Warsaw, IN were active in the winter, the water moving through the tree would freeze due to our severe winter temperatures.