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Fall Fertilization Is Most Important For Your Warsaw & Syracuse Lawn

The final application of the season is the most important if you want to have a nice looking lawn next spring for your Warsaw, IN and Syracuse, IN lawns.  The winterizer application is a quick release fertilizer that is designed to be absorbed quickly into the root system of the plant so that it has plenty of food next spring when the lawn wakes up.  Why is this so important?  Weeds in your lawn wake up earlier than your grass or lawn.  If the weeds wake up sooner and start germinating and growing before the lawn and become stronger, they will begin to take over the healthy lawn and create problems for your grass.  When your lawn is weak, disease and weeds will begin to take over.  There isn’t an instant gratification after applying the final round of fertilizer like instant greening of the lawn, but it is vitally important for your lawns in Warsaw, Syracuse, Winona Lake, Ft. Wayne, Columbia City, Culver, and North Webster.

You Don't Want This In Your Warsaw, In Lawn.

You Don’t Want This In Your Warsaw, In Lawn.

Fire Pits Bring Families Together

Want to slow things down and catch up with your family?  Fire Pits are great additions to your Warsaw & Syracuse backyard paradise.

dsc02389 If you want more time with your family as the days get shorter and cooler, install a brick paver patio with fire pit and your backyard will be the place to be.

Patios bring families closer together.

Patios bring families closer together.

‘Roxanne’ geranium For Fall Interest

Looking for a long lasting bloomer for your Warsaw & Syracuse landscaping?  This geranium will create loads of interest as it drapes over a natural boulder wall or as an accent against your entrance sidewalk. It also looks tremendous in the landscape as a border planting that accents curves in the landscape beds. Homeowners in Syracuse on Lake Wawasee love using this colorful, long bloomer on hillsides to grab the attention of boaters as they pass by.

Long Blooming Perennial For Your Warsaw, In. Landscape.

Long Blooming Perennial For Your Warsaw, In. Landscape.

Weed Watch: Featured Weed That Could Be In Your Lawn

black-medicBlack Medic is a low trailing annual weed that is commonly found in lawns that have experienced stress from compacted soils. It resembles clover and is often misdiagnosed in a lawn. It has bright yellow flowers and tree leaflets with the center leaflet on a separate petiole.

Controlling Black Medic in your Warsaw, IN & Syracuse, IN lawn is best done when the plant is young and growing. The plant germinates in temperatures between 50 F and 75 F which is late spring and early summer for our norther Indiana areas. Of course the best method of control is to have a Lawn Fertilization Company help with your applications throughout the season.

WLM, Inc. can help with all your lawn fertilization needs in Warsaw, Syracuse, Leesburg, North Webster, Culver, Ft. Wayne, and Columbia City.