Landscape Process

It's Never Too Early To Start Planning

WLM's 4 Step Process To A Beautiful Landscape

The 1st Step:

By choosing to work with a landscape professional, you have already taken the first step in planning your landscape project.  The goal of our first meeting is to establish your needs, talk about materials that are available, establish a budget range and ask questions to help us match our design to your budget and personal style.




The 2nd Step:

Our next goal is to discuss our design process and determine what type of design is needed for your project.  Often, it can be beneficial to begin with a full master plan, so current and future projects maintain the design intent.  Other times, a design of the specific area can be defined by measured specifications, and a proposal can be submitted without a design. 

The 3rd Step:

After you have received your proposal or design presentation, an established budget will be helpful in prioritizing the areas that are most important for you to do this year.  We are happy to work with you in establishing stages of your project.

The 4th Step:

Finally, it is important to become familiar with the proposed materials.  Pictures of our installed projects, distributor brochures, pictures of proposed plants and addresses where we have done similar work, are all good ways to become familiar with your project.  Please feel free to request any of these that you feel will be helpful in your decision making process.

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